Personal Training


The sports of triathlon and distance running require that you have extensive cardiovascular endurance. In order to perform at your very best, you also need to train muscular strength and endurance, and have efficient biomechanics in your movements.

David Harding is a YMCA-YWCA Certified Personal Trainer and NCCP Triathlon Coach, and is very experienced in developing individualized personal training programs to enhance your muscular strength and endurance, and to improve your biomechanics.

​Personal training and skill development services are described below. Dave provides personal training services through the Carlingwood Branch of the National Capital Region YMCA-YWCA.

To get started in a personal training program, please contact us at​

Personal Training Services:

  • SMART goal-setting
  • Fitness assessment (cardiovascular, muscular strength & endurance)
  • Functional mobility assessment
  • Personalized exercise programs (cardio, muscular strength, flexibility)
  • Exercise demonstrations & feedback; personal 1-on-1 supervision
  • Monthly review of progress and exercise program progression
  • Sport-specific skill development, customized to the athlete